340  /  Automatic  /  A - C  /  Early Build Dealer Promotional Car /  Dealer Installed "MAG" Hub Caps
Sold New in Nashville Tennessee
This car was rescued from a farmers Field. The car was basically untouched and tired. But after lots of TLC it is presentable and well loved.

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1968 Barracuda Formula S

The second-generation Barracuda, now a 108 in (2,743 mm) wheelbase A-body, still shared many components with the Valiant but was fully redesigned with Barracuda-specific sheet metal styling and its own range of models including convertibles as well as fastback and notchback hardtops.

On the Fastback Coupe the rear portion of the roof  was more streamlined, and the back glass, raked at a substantially horizontal angle, was much smaller compared with that of the previous model. Also, the use of chrome trim on the external sheet metal was more restrained.